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The Cosmic Virtual Vending Machine - Part 1

We all have one.
No choice.
They are all different, though.
We are all unique and different no matter how conditioned we are.
There is still a speck of us in us.
Our genetics are still there, deep down under the surface.
And on the surface, too.
I have blue eyes. I’m 5 feet tall in the morning.
No choice.
I provoke.
No choice.
I’m writing what I’m writing.
No choice.

Our chemistry is unique.
Our genetics is unique.
Many of us do survive conditioning.
And we stay safe and not allow our uniqueness to shine when we feel the tiniest bit threatened.

We may know things.
We do think.
We may understand things.
We may believe things.
We do make up things all the time.
That’s fun. That’s what humans do.

But then we ‘believe’ or ‘know’ or ‘think’ that what we think or know or believe is true.
How could we know differently?
People ask “What do you think about that?”
We’re trained to make things up.
It can be great fun.
And/or great pressure.

None of us have a choice. We think.
Almost none of us can ‘not’ think.

Have your ever tried to not think?
How long did that last?
Really last? (be honest)
We are designed to think. We have brains that allow us to think. No choice.
Do you have any control of your thinking?
Did you order your brain in a cosmic vending machine?
Stick a coin in, select a design and out it pops?
Voila! You get to choose how you think!

The ‘mechanics of the maia’ describes the science of how frequencies work.
The ‘mechanics of the maia’ controls everything…how we think, breathe, know, decide, move, stay put...every thing.

We try using the cosmic virtual vending machine to control this.
We do it all the time.
We think we have control.
We think we can have control.
We think our intentions create our reality, our future, our happiness.
We know we can be happy if we just try.
If we just choose it in the cosmic vending machine.
If we can just understand something.
If we can just order it up in the virtual vending machine that is our minds.
If we’re good enough.
If we pray enough.
If we pray.
If we chant.
If we just…..

©From Becky Markley’s CVVM
April 27, 2014
posted on April 30 2014

Why does the 25/51 NEED to be First?

Note: See below for a Spanish translation.

The 25/51 “Needing” to be First

What the heck does that mean? “You NEED to be first?! What a little prima donna.” You might think it sounds kind of arrogant. It can be, if it is demanded from the mind. It is easy to forget how aura frequencies work because it is invisible, and when the aura does the talking, it is magic. Not the gun-slinging mental mouth.

The 25/51 Basics
Genetics gave me a short body so I was often first in line at school or was placed at the front of the class, fortunately so I could see over everyone’s heads (which coincidentally supported my “outer vision” brain to absorb information and learn instantly by seeing.) Carrying the 25/51 frequency can “invite” others to bring us in early in the game. They probably don’t know why. There is no defined ‘reason’ built into the frequency, although we can feel pressured to concoct one at first. Rather we realize the benefits later. Like the 45 king or queen who carries “entitlement,” the 25/51 frequency carries the potential thrill of “competing” to get in at the beginning.

In the corporate world, I typically joined teams in the developmental stage, and my 42 kept me rolling pretty much to completion of the project. By the end of a project, however, I was interested in and pulled towards something new, so there was an attraction to move on, sometimes a bit before the project was totally finished.

The channel of initiation, as a projected channel, means being invited by a topic or another person that gets us initiated into something new without necessarily having much detail. If our heart (will) is in it, then off we go. Sometimes that frequency is the new infusion of blood (gate 25) that becomes the ‘need’ that moves the team or project or idea forward. Or not. By the way, the 25/51 is a powerful OC16 channel that brings the needed competitiveness and capacity for larger organizations to prosper.

A 25/51 Amplified
If you have the 25/51, remember that your frequency gets amplified by others in mega-tons. Don’t underestimate the volume of that amplification. You get people competing with you all the time and you innocently wonder why, and maybe what’s wrong with them. They grab something off the grocery shelf just as you are reaching for it. They race you to the check out line. On the freeway, they are the jerks trying to zoom around you in a dangerous way. Road rage. I see it all the time.

My husband races me to get the newspaper when it thunks against the front door. I’ve learned to surrender to the power of his 20/34 with an open ego amplifying my 25/51. Now that is funny! Understanding our designs brings humor to life and lets our 15 yr. marriage keep going with a chuckle instead of a crisis (he has the 36.) I don’t compete with the amplification any more. I love the irony!

If you do not have the 25/51 and have a friend who does, just watch how they “make” you walk faster, or you "make" need to move to head of the line, or you want to win the game…it goes on and on and on….it’s hilarious when you are aware of frequencies in action.

The Nuance of “Need”
But there is another nuance I recently became aware of and really got the initiation to write today. I could feel this nuance in my body. It is about when the 25/51 is first, and why it needs to be first. The 25/51 is at its best when it is there from the beginning. There is a distinction between the energy of getting ‘caught up’ with what has been going on, which can feel confusing/overwhelming/poltergeist-like and slows the process down, versus having the continuity and perspective of being there from the beginning. It is like night and day.  And your authority will let you know if the process is too far along to be right for you with a big fat “NO.” 

Catching up does not even begin to replace being there from the beginning. Again, the 25/51 is at its best when it is there from the beginning. It needs to be there at the beginning. And that benefits everyone. But you won’t know why at the beginning. That is the way it is.

From my big, fat heart,
Becky Markley
You are invited to write me about your experiences at becky@HumanDesignForYou.com.  I will read your email and may reply if & when I splenically react to.  Just know that I do welcome and read all emails and value your experiences. 

Traducción Alejandra Perciavalle

¿Por qué el 25/51 NECESITA ser el Primero?

La necesidad del 25/51 de ser el Primero

¿Qué diablos significa eso? “¡¿Necesitas ser el primero?! Qué pequeña prima donna.” Pensaras que suena un poco arrogante. Puede serlo, si la demanda es desde la mente. Es fácil olvidar como trabajan las frecuencias del aura porque son invisible, y cuando el aura es la que habla, es mágico. No es la boca pistolera mental de la mente.

Lo básico del 25/51
La genética me otorgó un cuerpo bajito por lo cual muy a menudo era la primera en la fila en el colegio o me ubicaban en el frente de la clase, afortunadamente, para que pudiera ver por encima de las cabezas de todos (lo cual al mismo tiempo apoyaba a mi cerebro, de “visión externa” a absorber información y aprender instantáneamente al mirar). Tener la frecuencia 25/51 puede “invitar” a que otros nos incorporen muy temprano en el juego. Probablemente ellos no sepan por qué. No hay una “razón” definida inherente en la frecuencia, a pesar de que podamos sentirnos presionados para crear una al principio. En cambio, mas tarde nos enteramos de los beneficios luego. Al igual que el rey o la reina 45 portan “derechos”, la frecuencia 25/51 porta la emoción potencial de “competir” para llegar primero.

En el mundo corporativo, típicamente me uní a equipos en fase de desarrollo, y mi 42 me mantuvo funcionando prácticamente hasta completar el proyecto. Sin embargo, al finalizar el proyecto, me sentí interesada y empujada hacia algo nuevo, así que ahí había una atracción para moverme, a veces incluso un poquito antes de que el proyecto estuviera totalmente terminado.

El canal de la iniciación, como un canal proyectado, significa ser invitado por un tema u otra persona que nos haga iniciarnos en algo nuevo sin tener necesariamente mucho detalle. Si nuestro corazón (voluntad) está en ello, entonces allí vamos. A veces esa frecuencia es la nueva infusión de la sangre (puerta 25) que se torna en la “necesidad” que mueve al equipo o al proyecto o la idea hacia delante. O no. De hecho, el 25/51 es un poderoso canal del OC16 que trae la competitividad y la capacidad necesarias para que las grandes organizaciones prosperen.

Un 25/51 amplificado
Si tienes el 25/51, recuerda que tu frecuencia es amplificada en mega-toneladas por los otros. No subestimes el volumen de esa amplificación. Tienes gente compitiendo contigo todo el tiempo y tú inocentemente te preguntas por qué, y quizás qué es lo que les pasa. Ellos cogen algo del estante del mercado justo cuando tu estas por cogerlo. Te juegan carrera hasta la caja. En la autovía, ellos son los tontos tratando de acosarte de forma peligrosa. La cólera de la carretera. Lo veo todo el tiempo.

Mi marido corre para buscar el diario cuando golpea contra la puerta de entrada. He aprendido a rendirme al poder de su 20/34 con un ego abierto amplificando mi 25/51. ¡Eso sí que es gracioso! El comprender nuestros diseños trae humor a nuestra vida y deja que nuestros 15 años de matrimonio puedan continuar entre risas en vez de una crisis (él tiene la 36). Yo ya no compito más con la amplificación. ¡Amo la ironía!

Si tú no tienes el 25/51 pero tienes un amigo que lo tiene, solo mira como ellos “hacen” que tú camines más rápido, o que “necesites” moverte a la cabeza de la fila, o que quieras ganar el juego… y así continua… es gracioso cuando eres consciente de las frecuencias en acción.

El Matiz de la “Necesidad”
Pero hay otro matiz del cual me he concienciado últimamente y me dio la iniciación para escribir hoy. He podido sentir este matiz en mi cuerpo. Es cuándo el 25/51 es el primero y por qué necesita ser el primero. El 25/51 se siente en su mejor momento cuando está allí desde el principio. Hay una distinción entre la energía de quedar “atrapado” con lo que está sucediendo, lo cual puede sentirse confuso/abrumador/paranormal y que ralentiza el proceso, versus el tener la continuidad y la perspectiva de haber estado allí desde el principio. Es como la noche y el día. Y tu autoridad te hará saber si el proceso está demasiado avanzado para ser correcto para ti, con un enorme “NO”.

El ponerse al día ni siquiera comienza a reemplazar el estar allí desde el principio. Nuevamente, el 25/51 está en su mejor momento cuando está allí desde el principio. Necesita estar allí desde el principio. Y eso beneficia a todos. Pero no lo sabrás al principio. Es así como es.

Desde mi gran, enorme corazón,

Becky Markley

Traducción Alejandra Perciavalle

posted on June 27 2012

Awareness in Action

Awareness in Action??  An oxymoron, in a sense. Except that the active part is mental. Oh my god, does that mean our minds actually have value for US (rather than them?!)? Oh, yes.

We can wonder what all of these wonderful Human Design System concepts mean when we first hear about them. We don’t get it until we get it, whenever that is. It is the experience of them showing up in life that brings them to life. What the hell is awareness anyway?? Sounds good. We like to say we’re aware for whatever reason our minds come up with…but it takes lots of experiences to test that.

I had an experience a few days ago that is an example of my mind being saved from wasting it’s time thinking about things that don’t matter. I conceptualize through gates 39, the provoker and gate 38 the fighter. My thinking often turns to how you or I can fight for something – our own self-worth, our value, or that jerk who did us/me wrong. My mind used to crucify people for what they did or said. I’m not a physical fighter – it isn’t about that. It’s a mental fight. So the example…

A few days ago my 3/5 MG husband on the cross of Eden (please let me go back to heaven, please) came home from work for lunch. We live about 5 minutes away. While he was banging away fixing some lunch (20/34 thoughts must become deeds no matter how loud) I was picking up a very strong sense of anger. I asked him something and nearly got my head bit off. I could have (in the past) gotten my feelings hurt, sulked, walked away and read him the mental riot act for days. But I was curious. This anger didn’t feel like him.

So I asked “Are you angry?” He paused for a moment, and said yes. He looked surprised at his answer. Then the story unfolds about how his boss was ranting and raving about something to each of the employees. They weren’t doing things good enough, fast enough, etc. I don’t know the boss’s design, but I do know hubby’s. Open Solar Plexus, Root and Heart/Ego. Boom! He brought home the amplified energy of his boss and it got amplified again when I took it in, and it could’ve gotten even more distorted if I had taken it personally, even without saying a word. Have you heard that the aura does the talking? Even without our permission. Amplified AND Distorted.

As hubby talked about his experience, I could feel the tension unwind, and by the time he left to return to work 15 minutes later, he was back in Eden. Someone where he works quit that day. The next day the boss apologized to the people he affected. Hmmm….

Live as yourself so you can love yourself,
posted on March 1 2011