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Radical Deconditioning - A Journey of Self-Exploration

akening is a radical process of self-discovery. Strategy and Authority set the foundation for awareness and the transformation of consciousness. And yet, as adults we carry deep levels of mental conditioning which get in the way of truly living out our uniqueness. When the form is running the life, what does the mind do? What is my not-self and how do I see it in action?

In this 6 week workshop, we will work together to provide a strong foundation for the experiential awakening to one’s own truth, and provide an in-depth understanding of conditioning and openness for the experience of transformation. This course offers a deep dive into your personal mechanics, and it is based upon our training by Ra in Rave Psychology.
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posted by Office IHDS on August 22

From Relationships to Relating – an Experiential Workshop

We are constantly engaged in connection with others in our lives. The Foundation remains consistent: know yourself and how you operate correctly, and understand and recognize connections through Human Design mechanics. How to put that knowledge into action becomes the exploration in this 6 week workshop; to move from the traditional, 7-centered conditioning of relationships to the active, vital verb or relating in every aspect of your life.

Knowledge is not the end goal, but the beginning of a life filled with experimentation and observation of our mechanics in action. This workshop is a journey into exploring your life and your uniqueness. We are here to provide you with tools, skills and feedback to enhance your connections with yourself and others.
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posted by Office IHDS on August 14

Professional Training Level II: Connections

PTLII is Level II of the Professional Analyst Training. Completion of all 4 Levels is required for certification.

PTLII is a two semester program and is an interactive workshop that delivers extensive new content and approach.

In the first semester you will learn to give Connection (relationship) readings and learn the basic keys in relationship analysis. Students will be required to submit an analysis to demonstrate their grasp of the material. Total study time over 2 semesters is 48 hours.

Content for Semester 1:
1. Connection Mechanics
2. Connection (Partnership) Analysis
3. Interactive workshop

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posted by Office IHDS on August 7

DreamRave Analyst Certification

The synthesis of Human Design with the DreamRave Matrix opens new vistas to understanding yourself and others, the nature of consciousness, and the deep conditioning that impacts us in our waking Life. One-third of our life is spent sleeping and will be programmed by the Neutrino stream in a different way through a 5-centered Matrix. When we sleep, the real work gets done without personality resistance and vanity. DreamRave is a mystical journey, taking us to where the real program gets delivered to all of us.

The DreamRave Analyst Certification Program starts with the Foundation of Sleeping and Dreaming from the scientific Perspective and traditional Analysis leading to the four Stages of the DreamRave Analysis from the Human Design Perspective. This is a highly interactive Education in both a Lecture and Clinic Style that enables every participant to have a personal DreamRave Understanding and Analysis in order to have enough Experience for future Clients.
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posted by Office IHDS on July 31

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