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Certified Human Design Professionals

To best understand your Design, and what it means to live it, you will greatly benefit from a Human Design chart analysis from a trained Human Design Professional. In addition, many of these professionals offer classes and workshops. Each professional operates independently, so feel free to browse the bios listed below and contact any of them to inquire about their services, check references, pricing and availability. Individuals utilizing this database to hire a Human Design professional are urged to take reasonable steps to verify the qualifications of any potential professional. This database is for information purposes only. The IHDS is not responsible for any claims that may arise from the use of this database.

Note: There are imitators and unlicensed, unauthorized users of this material. Please contact only legally licensed organizations and IHDS Certified professionals to ensure that you have the best experience of The Human Design System.

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Carol Zimmerman

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Carol Zimmerman

Teacher qualifications:    Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, Variable Transformation Teacher
Additional qualifications:    BG5 Small Business Analyst & Engineer, Family Practice Specialist
Analyst qualifications:    Incarnation Cross Analysis, Individual Rave Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Partnership Analysis
Teacher Trainer qualifications:    Living Your Design Guide
Basic Training qualifications:    Living Your Design Guide

Sharing knowledge and supporting others to navigate change is a life-long love of mine. Whether sharing my knowledge of the Human Design System or professional experience helping others to integrate it so you enjoy its physical and material rewards, I remain dedicated to delivering clear, organized, compassionately focused information you can understand and use. It is my gift.

I discovered Human Design while finishing my professional training as a life and business coach. I fell in love with its eloquent simplicity and non-judgmental way of deeply explaining human behavior and life experiences. Since then it has become the bedrock of my life and career because of the completeness it offers virtually anyone who wants to master healthy decisions and relationships in their life.

It is transforming my life into one that is proudly my own. I love how it is teaching me to stop over thinking and let the true gems buried deep within my nature rise to the surface and shine again.

I’ve focused my Human Design studies within specialties I believe are critical to navigating the global changes ahead. That is how I can best serve others who want to contribute to the world in our own unique way while navigating changing roles and environments.

Like many, I too have juggled different roles in my life. Most have fit me beautifully but not all inspired me. Through Human Design I’ve discovered if I remain centered on whom I am, all the roles and opportunities I respond to in life play a perfect role in supporting what does inspire me.

I spent decades in executive roles in Fortune 500 enterprises and/or small businesses before founded my own business in 2001. Now my life reflects my more spiritual nature too. I can be more authentic; role model; teach; and support the creative changes I also seek.

I serve clients and students virtually throughout the world from my home base in Silicon Valley, California.  In addition to the credentials listed under my profile, I also hold a Bachelor in Arts Degree in Education from a California University, and am Certified as a Life and Business Coach through the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

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