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Certified Human Design Professionals

To best understand your Design, and what it means to live it, you will greatly benefit from a Human Design chart analysis from a trained Human Design Professional. In addition, many of these professionals offer classes and workshops. Each professional operates independently, so feel free to browse the bios listed below and contact any of them to inquire about their services, check references, pricing and availability. Individuals utilizing this database to hire a Human Design professional are urged to take reasonable steps to verify the qualifications of any potential professional. This database is for information purposes only. The IHDS is not responsible for any claims that may arise from the use of this database.

Note: There are imitators and unlicensed, unauthorized users of this material. Please contact only legally licensed organizations and IHDS Certified professionals to ensure that you have the best experience of The Human Design System.

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Genoa Bliven

Teacher qualifications:    PTLI: Basic Analysis, PTLII: Connection and Cycles, PTLIII: Incarnation Cross Readings, PTLIV: Professional Mentor, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, Variable Transformation Teacher
Additional qualifications:    Child Development Analyst, Family Practice Specialist
Analyst qualifications:    Incarnation Cross Analysis, Individual Rave Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Partnership Analysis
Teacher Trainer qualifications:    Living Your Design Guide, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, PTLI: Basic Analysis, PTLII: Connection and Cycles, PTLIII: Incarnation Cross Readings

Teaching Human Design is the most fun that I have ever had, because my students never cease to amaze me. Human beings are extraordinary as they are, and Human Design brings out the very best in them. It all starts with realizing that you have your own Authority, your own way of making decisions, because living as yourself increases your aptitude for learning, and this is so exciting for me personally.

As a sponsor of the Human Design Youth Group, I first saw genuine genius in action. These were completely self-directed students and they reveled in Human Design and found themselves in it. Human Design is “the next language” for new societies; it fosters a new level of consciousness. At its core, Human Design is about being you and participating in an informed revolution in relating.

I first encountered Human Design at the New Moon in late August 1995. At a gathering someone said, “Genoa, I have a little something to show you.” As an astrologer of 23 years, I had the background to look into the foundations of Human Design, to check its pulse, and to tap its reflexes, but it took me a long time to arrive at what it really was. Eventually, that “little something” became the most remarkable treasure. It was far beyond my imagination of what it could be. What is truly amazing is that something as complex, as beautiful and cosmic as Human Design could also be so simple, or start with such simple and useful suggestions. It has dropped its little white pebbles in the forest for us to follow and discover ourselves as free people

I have the opportunity to teach Human Design in a deep, thorough and mystical way. For this I am unspeakably thankful. Let’s unpack Human Design level by level and make it our own, and make it supremely useful for others as well. Please join me for this fabulous journey. I am thrilled to be part of something so real and practical, and I am even more thrilled to be taking students into a learning process that transforms their whole lives. The key word here is practical. As exciting and inspiring as Human Design is, what is most important is that it is practical. In my Professional Level 4 course this semester, we will be organizing our knowledge and learning to deliver it with life-transforming gravitas. I look forward to seeing you there.

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