International Human Design School

Food Intake & Self Discovery ~ An Experiential Clinic for Projectors

Online Course

June 1, 2020 - July 13, 2020

Monday(s) at 15:30 GMT (1.5 hours)

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$495.00 $545.00
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Ella Aboutboul


This experiential reading clinic is for projectors who feel ready to explore their correct food regimen and who have a good grasp of their design, following at least one year of experimenting with strategy and authority.

During this 7 week program participants will be learning about their PHS food regimen and guided to apply their individual themes in alignment with their design. Commitment to experiment for the duration of the course is essential. Class limited to six participants.

Some of the themes we will explore:

What is PHS?

Introduction to PHS (Primary Health System), variables and the four transformation steps.

Meeting your Determination

How to take in your PHS reading and observing areas of self-recognition.

Stepping into the PHS experiment

How to experiment with self-integrity and fun while letting go of mental ‘shoulds'. 

Building awareness while moving through deconditioning

How to deal with old eating patterns including social habits, as well as observing potentially uncomfortable changes.

Signposts on the path of differentiation

How to identify shifts that reflect natural re-alignment, and learning to support one's individual differentiation process.

Course is available for Projectors only. Human Design Foundation Reading by an IHDS Certified Professional Analyst and at least one year of active experimentation with your type's strategy and authority.

Early Bird Price Expires May 18, 2020 Save $50.00

$495.00 $545.00
Endowment Discount Available