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DreamRave Analyst Certification - Semester 3

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September 19, 2024 - November 28, 2024

Thursday(s) at 17:00 GMT (1 hour)

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The synthesis of Human Design with the DreamRave Matrix opens new vistas to understanding yourself and others, the nature of consciousness, and the deep conditioning that impacts us in our waking Life. One-third of our life is spent sleeping and will be programmed by the Neutrino stream in a different way through a 5-centered Matrix. When we sleep, the real work gets done without personality resistance and vanity. DreamRave is a mystical journey, taking us to where the real program gets delivered to all of us.

The DreamRave Analyst Certification Program starts with the Foundation of Sleeping and Dreaming from the scientific Perspective and traditional Analysis leading to the four Stages of the DreamRave Analysis from the Human Design Perspective. This is a highly interactive Education in both a Lecture and Clinic Style that enables every participant to have a personal DreamRave Understanding and Analysis in order to have enough Experience for future Clients.

The Program takes 3 Semesters and closes with an oral exam. Certified Candidates will be trained to give the 4 Stages of the DreamRave Analysis and work with the Clients in a Process oriented Manner.

Semester 1 In the first Semester an Overview of Sleeping and Dreaming from the scientific Perspective and traditional Analysis will be given, as well as the Insight from the Human Design Perspective. The Foundation of DreamRave and Stage I Analysis will be given.

· Sleep & Dream – An Overview · The Human Design Perspective – DreamRave · Sleeping in your Aura · DreamRave Introduction

  • DreamRave Matrix
  • Calculation
  • Horizontal Programming
  • Type Change
  • Conditioning · DreamRave Analysis Stage I: Comparative Analysis and Weak Point

Semester 2 This Semester gives a deep insight of the Mechanics of the DreamRave Matrix and shows its impact on the waking Life. It covers the Stages II & III of the DreamRave Analysis

· DreamRave: Programming, Gates & Lines · Persona and Dreamscape · Portal Gates · Codon Pathways and the transition from Sleeping to Waking · DreamRave Analysis Stage II & III

Semester 3 This last Semester has its specific Focus on the DreamRave Transit Analysis and includes the work with the Participants Dream Life and the impact of the transit. Repeating the mile stones of the DreamRave Education followed by discussion of Examples gives a refinement in the future work of the Candidates.

This Semester closes with an oral exam.

· DreamRave Analysis Stage IV: Transit Analysis · DreamRave Analysis Stage I-IV and the practical Work with the Client · Oral Exam

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Rave Cartography; degree and certification will be provided once you have received your IHDS Analyst Certification.

DreamRave Software from Jovian Archive

Introduction to DreamRave Analysis Digital Book, DreamRave I - Intro to Personal Analysis, DreamRave II - Analyst Certification, DreamRave III - Advanced Analysis and DreamRave IV - Persona and Reincarnation. These books can be purchase through this IHDS link:

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Early Bird Price Expires September 1, 2024 Save $100.00

$800.00 $900.00