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Child Development Analyst Training

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June 7, 2024 - August 23, 2024

Friday(s) at 19:00 GMT (1.5 hour)

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Every child has their own unique path, their own purpose, and unique way in which their purpose is realized.

Human Design, first and foremost is for children. Children’s experience of the benefits of Human Design can be immediate, as well as long reaching, in the realization of their potential as 9-Centered humans. All of this depends upon the development and the ability of their parents to provide them with the necessary foundation for living out their uniqueness.

It is through the parent and their development, that the experiment of Human Design can be transmitted most effectively to the child. Therefore, it is essential for parents to have a strong foundation in their own experiment, as well as learn the practice of some essential tools in order to guide their children to their own unique experience of their life. The role of the Child Development Analyst is two-fold: to educate the parent; so that, the parent can then provide effective guidance for their child.

In this training program you will be provided with the essential aspects of working with parents and children: understanding the 9-Centered childhood and brain development, understanding the role of parents, and the care for the child’s unique body. How to support the emergence of strategy and authority, also recognition of openness and aura interaction, and parent-child communication dynamics through Human Design mechanics.

This is a certification course: for certification, each student will present a written or recorded Child Development Analysis as a final exam. Week by week, step by step, Leela will take you through each of the aspects of preparing and presenting a Child Development Analysis.

The course format consists of both weekly live class practice, discussion, and feedback for the student, and recorded lectures each week. The weekly experiments are related to the class topic, providing exercises using the student’s parent-child example to practice both the mechanics and art of working with parents and their children. Course Topics

• Parenting, a New Paradigm and the role of the Child Development Analyst

• The Mothers Role – Conditioning Children to their Unique Self

• Food, the Foundation of Conditioning and the basis of R & L intelligence

• Sleep, Children and the Myth of the Family Bed

• Parents and the Energy Child – Manifestors and Generators

• Parents and the Non-Energy Child – Projectors and Reflectors

• Open Center Conditioning between Parent and Child

• Teaching Authority in Children by Stage of Development

• Profile and the Emergence of Role in Children – Right Angle

• Profile and the Emergence of the Role in Children – Juxtaposition and Left Angle

• Sample Analysis and Testing Preparation

• There will be weekly experiments and live class discussion of those experiments the following week, along with Q & A of the weekly lecture

• Each student is asked to submit a parent/child example for experimentation and discussion

• This same parent/child example can be used in the student’s final exam

• Students that need translation are welcome.  Please contact with your request.

About the Teacher: As a highly trained Human Design practitioner, Leela Swann-Herbert is sensitive to the needs of both child and parents, and the unique conditioning dynamics of relationships and the family unit. Through her years of experience as a parent and partner, and as a professional analyst and teacher, she provides practical and effective personalized tools, guidance, and feedback for your training as a Child Development Analyst.


IHDS Certified Analyst or Student Analyst enrolled in the PTL program.

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The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu

The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu


Early Bird Price Expires May 24, 2024 Save $50.00

$900.00 $950.00