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This course focuses on the Nodes of the Moon that create our Geometry - “The Life Story”

Includes Audio files and Image slides.


This 2 Semester Course has its special focus on the Nodes of the Moon that create our Geometry - “The Life Story”.

The Importance of the Nodes is present in Humanity for a very long time. In the Vedas they were an important Instrument for the astrological Interpretations. Also in the Germanic ancient Tribes the Nodes of the Moon were very important in their Mythology and were called Fenriswolf – it engulfs the Sun.

At the Surface of Human Design the Nodes represent the Themes of the first and second Half of Life. Underneath the Surface there are themes like the Environment and Perspective and the Linkage of the Design and Personality are found. Based on the Resonance Principle of Color, Tone and Base the differentiated Geometry – “The Life Story” can be developed.

Content: · The 32 Nodal Polarities

· The Design and Personality Lines of the Nodes

· The Environment and Perspective

· The primary Nodes and the Link Nodes

· The Nodes and the independent Variable

· The Life Story and the cognitive Potential of Development

· The Orientation of Life

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