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Gate 28 - Preponderance of the Great

Gate of the Game Player - The Challenge is Life Itself

The transitoriness of power and influence. The potential of intuition is to know in the now whether it is of value to struggle or not.

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Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected 3 | Godhead - Minerva

Quarter of Duality, the Realm of Jupiter
Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Bonding Mystical Theme: Measure for Measure

This Gate is part of the Channel of Struggle, A Design of Stubbornness, linking the Splenic Center (Gate 28) to the Root Center (Gate 38). Gate 28 is part of the Individual (Knowing) Circuit with the keynote of empowerment.

Gate 28's deepest fear is that life might end before one knows what makes it worth living, or what gives it meaning. It's an energy that is stubbornly focused on listening with awareness in order to best intuit which risks will make us feel more alive, and lead to struggles which bring purpose to existence. With our Splenic awareness constantly alerting us to danger, we are willing to take risks others wouldn't, to play games with life and death. Ultimately, we will spontaneously meet and confront our own fears of death one at a time. Those who carry this gate have the energy needed to redirect the self-absorbed nature of people with Channel 57-20 by prodding them to make their intuitive knowing available to themselves and to others.

Our own awareness helps people with Gate 38 determine who or what they should invest their energy in, enabling them to better assess the health and safety factors for whatever they consider worth fighting for. Without Gate 38, we may fall victim to unnecessary pressure to fight or struggle, experiencing needless resistance and exhaustion. We look to people with Gate 38 for clues about what they have discovered makes their life's struggles worthwhile.

Line 1 - Preparation

Exaltation: The desire to be effective manifested in the application of energy to detail. The intuition to potentially apply energy to detail.

Detriment: The aesthetic appreciation of planning that may have no real application. An intuition for detail without the potential for application.

The Daily View reflects the impact the Sun (70% of the neutrino influence) is having on humanity as it moves through the Gates and Lines of the Mandala. Transits are potentials that you can witness in others and the world around you, and, if correct for you, as you follow your individual Strategy and Authority, may become a part of your experience as well.

Please refer to The Definitive Book of Human Design for more detail and information.

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