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Gate 35 - Progress

Gate of Change - The Secret is 'No-Expectation'

By design, progress can not exist in a vacuum and is dependent on interaction. Life is a continuous cycle of experiences with beginnings, middles, and ends.

Gate 16 < Gate 35 > Gate 45

Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 2 | Godhead - Lakshmi

Quarter of Civilization, the Realm of Dubhe
Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Form Mystical Theme: Womb to Room

This Gate is part of the Channel of Transitoriness, A Design of a 'Jack of All Trades', linking the Throat Center (Gate 35) to the Solar Plexus Center (Gate 36). Gate 35 is part of the Collective Sensing (Abstract) Circuit with the keynote of sharing.

Gate 35 is driven by a restless curiosity and high expectations to explore new horizons for the sheer exhilaration of doing it, but not alone. Gate 35's voice says, "I feel," and what it usually feels is a desire for change. This is the voice of impersonal, relational experience. We are prodded along not by awareness, but by a hunger for depth of feeling that is conditioned by the emotional wave. Like hunger, desire and curiosity can only be temporarily ameliorated. We are focused on collecting experiences to learn from them, rather than on repeating experiences to master them. Mastery is expressed as wisdom and manifests as advice.

Our memories may provide more satisfaction than the experience itself. Our taste for new experience, and the need to see what or who is on the other side of the mountain, can keep us healthy and alert. When correctly entering into experience for its own sake, and remaining an objective observer, our clear sharing carries the potential to transform humanity. Experience seekers don't often take time to consider the repercussions of their actions, and without Gate 36, we are prone to seeking an emotional rush in the hope of escaping the pain of boredom when there is no new experience to dive into.

Line 2 - Creative block
Lack of inspiration which stops progress.

Exaltation: Attunement with the vagaries of the muse and the recognition, creativity is energy that ebbs and flows. Creativity and the muse will always come and go.

Detriment: The need to take action, however mundane, to overcome the feeling of emptiness. The actions being uninspired do not further progress. The need for change and the fear of stasis.

The Daily View reflects the impact the Sun (70% of the neutrino influence) is having on humanity as it moves through the Gates and Lines of the Mandala. Transits are potentials that you can witness in others and the world around you, and, if correct for you, as you follow your individual Strategy and Authority, may become a part of your experience as well.

Please refer to The Definitive Book of Human Design for more detail and information.

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