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Incarnation Crosses - A Journey Around the Wheel Semester 1

Audio Course

Semester 1 of a 4-semester deep dive into Incarnation Crosses by Gate and Profile with Cathy Kinnaird and Andrea Reikl-Wolf.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.


 A 4-semester deep dive into Incarnation Crosses by Gate and Profile.

This amazing body of work by Cathy Kinnaird and Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf is a deep exploration into each Gate as we transit around the wheel, its Incarnation Cross, and the Profiles.

Their exploration includes the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Levels of each Gate along with the Godhead, Profiles, examples of well-known people for each Cross and much more. This is the most comprehensive look to date at how Incarnation Crosses express themselves.

Cathy and Andrea each bring their unique perspective and incredible understanding of the knowledge to this subject. It’s a true work of art.

These recordings are now available:

Semester 1 – Quarter I
Semester 2 – Quarter II
Semester 3 – Quarter III
Semester 4 – Quarter IV

Semester 1 - Quarter I contains 22 classes and over 30 hours of lecture.