International Human Design School

The Language of Cognition

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This seminar is an introduction to the mechanical aspects involved in the cognitive process of individual awareness.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.

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Alokanand Diaz


The development of Cognition is the ultimate purpose of the evolution of any form of life. Human Design describes the fundamental differences in the cognitive architecture of a 7 centered and a 9 centered human being which makes the development of our potential for Self-reflected Consciousness deeply accessible and easy to grasp.

This seminar is an introduction to the mechanical aspects involved in the cognitive process of individual awareness, and is an invitation to those who participate in the program to start enjoying the journey of self-observation.

The self-study program is divided into three sessions:

COLOR: Color is the very surface mechanic that regulates the overall frequency of the being through the agency of the Magnetic Monopole. We call it Motivation on the Personality side, and Determination as it operates out of the Design, but the real awakening resides in the recognition of how deeply those two driving forces have been homogenized from the moment of birth.

TONE: Tone represents the very inner structure of the Cognitive Architecture itself. It is the way Tone impacts on the Color in the cognitive chain that will determine the binary of how the Color is going to function, but more than that, it is Tone that determines the deepest potential for uniqueness for both our physical form and our mind.

LEFT / RIGHT: Also known as Variable, it is out of the Color-Tone chain that we can recognize the fundamental differences between the strategic and the receptive mind, between the active and the passive body and between the focused and the peripheral view. In essence, understanding the differences between the Left and the Right orientations of our cognitive process reveals the deep limitations of the 7 centered being, and opens up the possibility of integrating the new cognitive potentials.

There are three lessons in this self-study program

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Endowment Discount Available