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Harmony and Polarity: Self and Not-Self of the 64 Gates

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All activated Gates within the Design have the potential to contribute to the increasing power of our Not-Self minds.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.

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Alokanand Diaz


Join this 10 hour course to discover the depth of information available through the gates that are present in your chart - and - maybe more interesting, the gates that are not present in your chart (the harmonic gate). The harmonic gates trigger 'not-self' habits and are fascinating to learn about.

Everything is constantly in Movement. In this Movement, all activated Gates within the individual Design, that are not part of a defined channel, have the potential to become the most distortive of all mechanical elements that contribute to the emergence and increasing power of our Not-Self minds. These activated “hanging” Gates play an extraordinarily important role in the way in which we cling to the Not-Self strategies of our open centers every time we try to establish contact with others.

We feel fascinated by the seductive power of the promise of harmony that seems to be coming our way through the open harmonic gate. Everyone looks for balance and awareness in the very same places where they seek to find this harmony, and in this way only manage to develop an addictive dependency for others.

Balance is an internal perception of the holistic awareness, whereas harmony is something that is determined entirely by external conditioning that either binds us to others or wants us to separate from them. Balance grows out of the awareness that everything has its opposite pole, and that the interaction between two opposite poles is the only thing that can provide a comprehensive picture of the world that we can contemplate on.

The mechanics revealed in Human Design make these subtle processes easily recognizable, and explainable, through the simple application of logical rules that make the practical analysis of activated gates in the chart accessible for anyone.

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Endowment Discount Available