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Variables - An Introduction into the 16 Orientations of Awakening

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What Type is to the form principle, Variable is to awareness.

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Mechanically, Variable is a combination of four imprints of a Rave Chart, the Design Sun/Earth; the Design North and South Nodes; the Personality North and South Nodes and the Personality Sun/Earth. Each imprint is synthesized based on its Tonal activation to differentiate the imprint through 'Leftness' or 'Rightness'. The resulting combination of these four elements is called a Variable. It is an awareness map that lays out the possibility for an awareness in this life.

There are 16 possible combinations that represent the 16 cognitive Families. Through the Variable Rave Property the four transformations that are the potential of all nine-centered beings is revealed.

To get a grasp about the importance of the meaning of the Variable, it can be compared with Type at another “octave”. What Type is to the form principle, variable is to awareness. And Awareness is a physical practice of a mechanical process, just like Type is a mechanical principle to navigate correctly through life.

Please join Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf for a two part exploration into Variable.

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