International Human Design School

Living the Emotional Life

Audio Course

In this 3-part lecture series Alok explores the emotional authority.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.

Alokanand Diaz


Human Design is full of wonderful humor and irony. The root of that is in the fact that despite it being a system that rests entirely on the absolutes of mechanical logic, there is nothing in Human Design that escapes the realm of irrationality that opens up in our psyche through the turmoil of our emotional system. It does not matter whether you have defined emotions or undefined, you can never escape the impact of the emotional wave passing through you.

It is not the same not being able to ‘trust your emotions’ than not having any. As a matter of fact, like with every other open center, what you ‘don’t have’ is what you get the most of. This is another one of those great ironies.

If it was not for the emotional system, ‘Living Your Design’ would not make ANY difference, and if it was not for the emotional system, there would not even be ANY need for something like Human Design to even emerge. In other words, EVERYTHING that has any meaning and connection to being human starts and ends with knowing how to integrate the emotional field into your personal life, with all its mundane drama and its mysteriously spirited shakeups and spikes. It is, after all, because of the painful shakeups that the Solar Plexus creates in our brain that we care at all about the development of ‘more’ awareness.

Ah, the glory and the mysteries of the Solar Plexus are endlessly moving and awe inspiring in what they can reveal, if you can observe their power from a grounded understanding in what are the fundamental mechanisms that sustain the consistency of its mechanical themes and of the many levels of impact that they have on the human psychological potential.

The very fact that anyone can offer a lecture on emotional mechanics is already a sign of some mutation happening in the Solar Plexus, because it is here where the blinding glue of identification has forever kept seven centered humanity experiencing their emotions as something that was invariably and exclusively connected to sex, food and security.

  1. SP AND MUTATION OF THE HUMAN BRAIN IN 9 CENTERED BEINGS Since 1781 we have a new set of cognitive potential that initiated the beginning of the so called ‘emotional intelligence’ that ‘we’ are starting to be so fond of in our present times. In Human Design, the difference between the old cognition and the new is keynoted LEFT and RIGHT, where left is associated with strategic cognition and right is associated with receptive cognition. In this lecture I will introduce the foundation of our cognitive architecture putting the focus on the new set of receptive cognition that the mutation of the human Solar Plexus is going through in our current times.

  2. THE EMOTIONAL GATES AND THE (VOID) DARKNESS OF THE BODY Like I said, there are mysteries deeper than we can know hidden within the potential of the human Solar Plexus, but so many of them open up the moment you can contemplate on the upon the foundation of the mechanical framework that we can draw from the Rave Body Graph Circuitry and from the way the 7 emotional gates correlate to each other through the way they are positioned in the Rave Mandala. In this lecture I will try to illustrate the potential that is available through each of the 7 gates of the SP both through the traditional perspective that is so deeply attached to seven centered themes as much as through the potential that they hold for transcendence in our nine centered approach to life.

  3. EMOTIONAL AUTHORITY IN THE 3 SOLAR TYPES & THE ICE MOON If we feel consistently connected to our body through our sensations and our breath, then we don’t need the mind to be in charge of anything. You see, when you follow your S & A for 7 years this is exactly what happens to you, you break through the sense of separation that the Not-self mind had created around your capacity to feel, and to feel human. Once we disarmed the mental body, all frustration, anger, bitterness and disappointment stop being the themes that consistently run your lives, and more than wisdom starts being possible. As we grow in the awareness of our self-reflected potential, we can develop our own outer authority as our unique and differentiated mental horizon transcends the homogenized way of looking at life and what it means to be part of this existence.