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Rave Cosmology: Bhan Tugh Student Manual

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The Bhan Tugh is the heart of Rave Cosmology

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This course was originally taught by Ra Uru Hu in the Fall of 2005 as the first in a series of semester courses for the Rave Cosmologist certification program. Bhan Tugh was available for all who were interested, and continues to be offered as a self-study program.

The Bhan Tugh is the heart of Rave Cosmology. It is the mythology and mechanics of the Biverse transmitted by the 'Voice'. Ra‘s goal is that at the end of this course, everyone will have the ability to recognize a Rave child.

This book is available to the following students and graduates of this program:

Certified Rave Cosmology Teachers, Graduates of the Cosmology Course taught by Ra (all 9 semesters).

Certified Rave Cosmologist.

Students enrolled in the Self-Study of this course.

Students enrolled in this course with a certified Rave Cosmology Teacher.

Endowment Discount Available