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Incarnation Crosses by Profile - 4 eBooks Special

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This four-volume, 1,223 page encyclopedia provides one of the most comprehensive explorations of Incarnation Crosses. Ra explores each gate in its three corresponding Incarnation Cross variations (Right Angle, Juxtaposition, & Left Angle) as he explains how the qualities of the hexagram provide the building blocks for humanity's development and maturation process. Each cross, angle, and profile is a necessary aspect of the Maia, as society progresses in its evolutionary journey around the wheel.

Quarter 1: The Quarter of Initiation ~ The Realm of Alcyone - Covers Gates 13 – 24.

Quarter 2: The Quarter of Civilization ~ The Realm of Dubhe - Covers Gates 2 - 24.

Quarter 3: The Quarter of Duality ~ The Realm of Jupiter - Covers Gates 7 - 44.

Quarter 4: The Quarter of Mutation ~ The Realm of Sirius - Covers Gates 1 – 19.

This material was presented in Ibiza during October 2003.

Includes the following products:

Incarnation Crosses by Profile IV: The Quarter of Mutation (eBooks) Incarnation Crosses by Profile II: The Quarter of Civilization (eBooks) Incarnation Crosses by Profile III: The Quarter of Duality (eBooks) Incarnation Crosses by Profile I: The Quarter of Initiation (eBooks)

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