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The Primary Health System (PHS) isa revolutionary approach to well being.  PHS was first introduced by Ra Uru Hu in April2003.  As empowering as Human Design isfor the Personality Passenger, PHS is the awakening key for the Design Vehicle.

PHS is the result of years ofground laying work in the sub-structure of the Line.  The PHS Practitioner Program Year Two focuseson the 216 Chains that define our possible paths of differentiation and well-being.

The PHS Primary Health SystemAnalyst program is open to any student who has completed PHS Analyst Year Oneprogram.

The IHDS is the official HumanDesign and Global Incarnation Index certifying and licensing authority.  The IHDS offers programs leading to officialcertification in both teaching and practice.

The PHS Primary Health SystemPractitioner is such a credit program.  Tocomplete this program for certification, students are required to complete theentire program of three years.

This book is a transcript of thesecond year, second semester originally taught in Winter of 2006.