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The Immune System - A Holistic View of the Bodygraph

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The biological defense system of higher organisms is called the immune system (Latin: immunis, untouched, free, pure). This system is essential to survive, it defends itself against a wide variety of pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites against foreign substances of all kinds (protein, dust, toxins, etc.) and against deteriorated body cells.

In the Human Design System, the immune system is generally assigned to the splenic center. A closer look at its functionality, interaction and biochemistry reveals that there is a widely spread interconnectedness to other areas in body graph.

In this course, the scientific basics and their functionality of the immune system are explained in order to understand the analogy and its correlation within the body graph. This leads to a different understanding of the mechanics of body graph. A different holistic view of how Body & Mind are working together or influence each other, will open up a new perspective on health / illness.

The participants learn how the immune system is genetically predisposed and how the immune system learns and keeps the Body healthy.

•    The immune system and its players - a scientific perspective
•    The distinction between self and non-self
•    The innate and acquired immunity
•    The humoral and cellular defense system
•    The Pandemic 2020 Special: The Immune System & Viral Infections – SARS-CoV-2 - CoViD 19
•    The Evolution of the Immune System & the Design of Forms
•    The Development of the immune system in pregnancy - 1st trimester
•    The immune system in body graphics
•    Primary and secondary lymphoid organs
•    The bone marrow & its central role
•    The immune circuitry & its Immune Cells
•    The health & immune channels
•    The memory network being the key to acquired immunity
•    The Biochemistry of the Immune system within the Body Graph
•    The Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine Immunology (PNEI) - a scientific basis
•    The PNEI's network in body graph



Foundation Knowledge in Human Design