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The Differentiation Degree Program

The Science of Differntiation College was founded by Ra Uru Hu in 2005. The College began with its focus on Primary Health System and Rave Psychology. These fields represent the most advanced and profound areas of study in Human Design and encompass the layers of mechanical information to be found in the sub-structure of Lines. Color, Tone and Base are at the heart of these studies.

Ra personally introduced these programs and taught 2 three-year certification programs in each discipline. This was an extraordinary experience for teacher and students. Since then, Ra specialized in post-graduate studies with a focus on Holistic Analysis, which combines PHS and Rave Psychology mechanics for the purpose of analysis. This final semester leads to a certification in Holistic Analysis.

I have reached a point in my career where my focus is not on revealing but elaborating. As a teacher, when I repeat a teaching, I always refine the original and expand the data. After years of teaching these programs I am ready to compress, refine and elaborate.

Ra Uru Hu

The International Human Design School offers the Differentiation Degree Program, leading to a certification as both a PHS Practitioner and Rave Psychologist after all prerequisites, testing and Diploma Thesis have been met and formally certified by the teacher.

The DD Program combines the knowledge of the Structures underneath the Lines of the Design and Personality - PHS (Primary Health System – the enhancement of the Form) and Rave Psychology (the enrichment of the Mind). It will be taught in one Program to get an insight of the holistic perspective of the fine tuned differentiation of each individual.

It is a 2-year program that includes 6 Semesters and 120 hours of study. The certification process includes one written and one oral exam and a diploma thesis. One additional semester for Holistic Analysis Certification will also be provided.

The PHS Practitioner & Rave Psychologist enables and guides the client in a process through the deconditioning of the mental body of the Not Self and the 4 Steps of Transformation: Primary Health System, Internal/External (dietary regimen & environment) Rave Psychology, External/Internal (perspective & awareness) to aim the highest goal to be a true awakened consciousness in form, the true Passenger with its unique outer authority.

Pre-Requisites: Rave Cartography, enrolled in Professional Analyst Training or certified IHDS Professional Analyst; degree and certification will be provided once you have received your IHDS Analyst Certification.

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Year 1 - Semester 1

The Mechanics of the Maia

This Program begins with a historical view where everything began, the quantum Illusion at its start and the start of life, the "Life" of the Neutrino Biverse and the unique individual human life. The first semester gives an overview of the structures underneath the lines in an unusual perspective that is from the "bottom-up" (Base-Tome-Color -Line - Hexagram - Chart), instead of what has been taught on the surface of the quantum illusion from the "top to the bottom" (chart down to the line and underneath the line). In addition, this semester has a focus on the mechanics of the form, because consciousness is dependent on the form.

  • Juxtaposition Theory
  • Base Theory and the Principles of Mortality & Immortality
  • The Origin of Life & the Principles in Biology
  • Introduction in the Structures underneath the Line (Base, Tone, Color)
  • Building and Ontogeny of the Form: Pregnancy in the View of Human Design and Science
  • Rave Biology

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Year 1 - Semester 2

The Mechanics of Conditioning & the Mapping the Not-Self Mind

The second semester has its focus on the mental body of the not-self, which is the great challenge; to develop ones correct passenger consciousness. It is a step-by-step process to deconstruct the mental body of the not-self in its innumerable layers. There is a unique map for every individual, which shows the homogenized patterns of the not-self mind making its absolutely predictable choices. Knowing this is the first step to transcendence of the negative conditioning.

  • The Not-Self and the History of the World
  • Group Conditioning and Social Dynamics
  • The Not-Self Deck
  • Receptors and their Mechanics
  • The Gates of Fear
  • The 6 Conditions of Communication and Manifestation
  • The 6 Conditions of Awareness
  • The Hierarchy of Not Self Decision making
  • The Not Self Authority

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Early Bird Discount Price: $1400.00

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Year 1 - Semester 3

The 4 Steps of Transformation

The journey of the 4 Steps of Transformation starts with the differentiation of the body, because the body is housing and limiting the mental consciousness. The enhancement of the body nourishes itself is through the digestive process. The 6 dietary regimes that emerge from an understanding of Color as an agent of evolution will be explored. Through the combination of Strategy and PHS dietary regime the form increasingly recovers to its original cognitive sensitivity. This is translated into a different way of resonating to the world, both physically and psychologically. It is in the correct environment that connects the life on the outside to enable life quality and longevity. Being in the correct environment enables the individual to get to see the things that are intended to see. Once all the frequencies of the vehicle’s life and the perspective have been properly aligned, the personality is ready for the fulfillment of purpose and the development of the unique awareness and true outer authority, where all the elements of our personality’s imprinting resonate to the self-expression of the differentiated role in life.

PHS the Internal and External Determination

  • PHS Dietary Regimen & the Internal Determination
  • Body Types
  • The Cognitive Potential of the Body and the Senses
  • The Physical Environment & External Determination
  • The Two Ways of Living a Life

Rave Psychology and the Views of the Personality and the Motivation of the Mind

  • The 6 Views of the Personality
  • Two Ways to see the World
  • View and Distraction
  • Cognition Motivation and Transference
  • Transference and the 4th Color
  • The Mental Cognition and Awareness
  • Trajectory
  • The Two Ways of Mind

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Early Bird Discount Price: $1400.00

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Year 2 - Semester 1

The Life Story &the 16 Families of Cognition

This semester gives a deep insight into the geometry of our life story and the “stage” that it is played out; the “stage” of the life in which the Role (Incarnation Cross) can be performed. The Role is nothing without its correct stage.

In addition we will study the holistic perspective of the Cross of Life and its cognitive potential. The Variables, their patterns and evolution of the cognitive families of awareness, will close this semester.

The Life Story

  • The Nodes of the Moon
  • The Story Line
  • Base Orientation

The 16 Families of Cognition

  • The Principle of Variables
  • Variable Evolution
  • The Chart & the Variable

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Early Bird Discount Price: $1400.00

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Year 2 - Semester 2

The Design & Personality Lunar and planetary squares

This semester explains the holistically sophisticated phenomena of human consciousness. It is called the Principle of Resonance and it operates through the frequency of Color in the Crystals of Consciousness. The two Lunar and Planetary squares show the way and how human nature organizes itself by following holistic mechanical principles controlled by the Magnetic Monopole. The completion of the deconditioning process starts the emergence of passenger consciousness and the empowerment of the Variable experience in the differentiated life.

The Design Resonance

  • The Design planetary Keys
  • The Vertical Shaping and the Lateral Reactivity
  • Presence and Prana
  • The Diagnostics and the Signposts in Differentiation

The Personality Resonance

  • The Personality Planetary Keys
  • The Vertical and Lateral Range
  • The Diamond and the Mundane
  • The Martial Diagonals and the Transcendent
  • The Diagnostics and the Signposts in Differentiation

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Early Bird Discount Price: $1400.00

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Year 2 - Semester 3

Process work & Holistic View

It has always been said that analyzing a Rave BodyGraph is as much an art as it is a science. Nowhere is this so true as in this last part of this certification program. Here the mechanical information revealed on the surface and the level beneath the line gives the holistic view that will be the guidance for the process work of the Practitioner/Psychologist. The last information to round up this perspective is given in this last semester – Dream Rave, together with guidance of how to work with the Client.

The Dream Rave

  • Introduction into Dream Rave
  • Weak Point Analysis

The 4 Transformations - the Process Work with the Client

  • The Role and the Work of a PHS Practitioner and Rave Psychologist
  • The Process Work and the Client

The Holistic View - Workshops

  • Interactive Analysis of Charts

Regular Price: $1500.00

Early Bird Discount Price: $1400.00

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The Holistic Analysis Postgraduate Program

This final semester leads to a certification in Holistic Analysis:

The original Holistic Analysis training delivered by Ra Uru Hu was a 3 semester postgraduate program. It integrated the Primary Health System (PHS), Rave Psychology, Variable, Lunar & Planetary Resonance and Base Orientation knowledge with traditional chart interpretation.

The Differentiation Degree Program as it is taught today, includes most of the Holistic Analysis training taught by Ra, and has its focus on the 4 Transformations. Students of the Differentiation Degree Program are educated to guide clients in process work through the 4 Transformational Steps.

A Holistic Analysis provides the Client with a specific insight of their BodyGraph, and therefore life. Due to the complexity of the larger genetic matrix, especially at the deeper levels of the BodyGraph, it is important that the client has thoroughly worked in the different processes of the 4 Transformational Steps before they receive a Holistic Analysis. Only then will a Holistic Analysis be helpful and give the client a complete view of their Differentiated Potential.

The Holistic Analysis one-semester postgraduate program enables the Differentiation Degree Program Graduates to give the most sophisticated Holistic Analysis in The Human Design System. This semester is a very practice oriented interactive training that requires live participation of all students.

Pre-Requisites: Differentiation Degree Program Completion

Certification Requirement: Student submits a Holistic Analysis Overview.

Regular Price: $1500.00

Early Bird Discount Price: $1400.00

Current Open Enrollments: Available here

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