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Variable Teacher Training

This Program prepares candidates to apply the teaching of the Four Transformational Steps to Differentiation (Radical Transformation Clinic): Brain/Body, Environment, Perspective and Mind/ Awareness. The Variable workshop is designed for clients who have practiced and are experienced with their Strategy and Authority.

Students of this Teacher Training will be given the frame of content and method of the lecture or workshop they are going to teach. It is necessary to know how to deliver the knowledge to potential clients to assure that the information is not only grasped, but can then be applied correctly to bring satisfaction, success, peace and surprise in the process of differentiation.

In addition, Ra Uru Hu's Teachings will be included as a reference material.

Regular Price: $5000.00

Early Bird Discount Price: $4000.00

Audit Student of the Variable Teachers Training Program from Ra Uru Hu 2010: $1000 - USD

Endowment does not apply.

This Program is open to any Certified Primary Health System or Rave Psychology Students who have successfully completed the 3 Year training, or Certified Differentiation Degree Program Students who have completed the 2 Year Training and attended the Holistic Analysis Training.

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